Attorney Kevin Hermansen

Kevin Hermansen is the Director of Specialty Litigation at BASTA, the largest non-profit tenant organization in Los Angeles. Mr. Hermansen first joined BASTA as a volunteer law student. While at USC, he contributed more than 1,000 pro bono hours at BASTA and other nonprofit organizations devoted to tenants’ rights. In recognition, the Gould School gave Hermansen its Mason C. Brown Award, which recognizes top students involved in public service and trial work. As a certified law clerk, Mr. Hermansen was defending unlawful detainer jury trials and negotiating settlements. After having worked on thousands of eviction jury trials, Mr. Hermansen and his mentor BASTA founder Daniel J. Bramzon, are widely considered to be the best practicing eviction attorneys in Los Angeles. If you need an eviction attorney Kevin Herman is simply the best. Kevin graduated from California State University-Fullerton and University of Southern California Law School.